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Location:Port Pirie, South Australia, SA
Updated:22nd Jan 18

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About Northpoint Ford

Northpoint Ford is focused on creating a strong business that builds great products that contribute to a better world.

Ford has a proud heritage of improving people's lives and making their world a better place. Northpoint Ford want to build on this by being recognised as a trusted partner and operating responsibly and sustainably wherever we do business.

About Northpoint Kia

Kia has introduced a contemporary new look under the direction of world-class automotive designer, Peter Schreyer.

You may be familiar with his work, including the Audi TT and VW Beetle. According to Schreyer, "Design gives a soul to the product and reaches the hearts of the people".

As Chief of Design, Schreyer has developed a distinctly new, more contemporary look that is unlike anything you have ever seen from Kia. Design is the key to Kia's new philosophy. "Kia is a brand underpinned by quality and reliability. Now on top of that comes this emotional element of distinct design", says Schreyer.

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