Where to sell?

So, you want to sell your car? The options are pretty simple and basically fall into three categories and it depends on if you are willing to sacrifice time or money. If you plan to buy from a dealer, chances are you will probably end up trading in your old car, simply because it is the most convenient way of getting rid of the old banger.

Do not accept the first trade-in price offered; you can haggle. And if you're not happy with the final offer, take your business to another dealer.

But if you're still not happy with the price offered, then perhaps a private sale is the best way. Obviously it involves more work on your part and at least a couple of weekends waiting for the phone to ring, but it can mean a much better price.

To do this you'll need to prepare the car for sale, write and lodge an advertisement, and handle prospective buyers and their test drives yourself. Tread warily, but get it right and you will get more money for your car.

The third option is to put the car into one of the many public auctions on consignment. however, as many of the buyers are either dealers or private punters looking for a bargain, you're not likely to get much more than by trading directly with a dealer.

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