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Location:Orange, Central West, NSW
Updated:21st May 24
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Welcome to East Orange Motors

East Orange Motors has been operating as a used motor dealership in Orange for over 30 years.

The proprietors Michael Porter and John Grum commenced their careers in the motoring trade in 1979, opening a business know as March Street Motors, situated on the corner of March and William Streets, Orange. Michael and John started their business with only six motor vehicles, and have built this up to the present day with a total of over forty vehicles. Ray Jones has also been with the company for the past twenty five years, employed as a motor vehicle detailer and record keeper.

At East Orange Motors we pride ourselves on our after sales service and repeat business.

Late Model Used Cars Specialist

At East Orange Motors we have great pride in our after sales service and attenbtion to detail of our customers needs.

East Orange Motors is one of the oldest used motor vehicle dealerships in Orange with a selected range of Top Quality vehicles to choose from.

Priced from $2,000 to $25,000.

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