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Location:Maffra, Gippsland, VIC
Updated:10th Jul 19

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Wilmour Motors

Little dealer-big heart

 The year was 1937, the worst of the Great Depression had passed and it seemed like a good time to buy a business for John and Graham Wilson and James Ronald "Ron" Seymour.  So, on 4 October 1937, Wilmour Motors was formed in what is still the little town of Maffra.

 Then, one year later, at the ripe old age of 25, Ron bought out the Wilson brothers and continued to run Wilmour Motors with his sister, Noreen.

 Things went well at Wilmour's and in 1953 the dealership packed up from its original premises and moved further down Johnson St, the main stretch in Maffra, to their brand new purpose-built Ford showroom.  The selling point for the land was it had been in use as a circus showground and promised "soil well-fertilised by elephants"!

Seymour & Son

Wilmour's prospered as Ron built on a loyal local customer base.  Through the war, and into the fifties, the small dealership delivered and serviced almost every Ford model from the early V8s, to pilots, Twin Spinners, and Customlines, until the release of the Falcon, and the modern era of cars which followed.  And in the process, of course, built a strong Ford brand loyalty in the Maffra region.

 In 1975, after nearly forty years of service to the people of Maffra and surrounds, a retiring Ron Seymour put out the call to his son, John, to "come home and take over the family business".  John obliged, packed up his bags, left the Ford factory in Broadmeadows and moved back to his home town.  Since then, John has never looked back and is glad he kept the business in the family.  Assuming all goes well in the new car trade, he hopes one of his own three sons will continue the business in years to come.

Now celebrating nearly 80 years in business, you'd think Wilmour Motors would be heading towards retiring age.  But there are just too many happy customers at Wilmour Motors to consider giving the business away.  Businesses like Wilmour Motors are powerful examples of the strength of small business.  Supporting a local customer base are strong community ties built on long-standing historical relationships, and years of commitment and hard work.  You can't buy that kind of loyalty and trust, it can only be earned.

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