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Location:Cootamundra, Riverina, NSW
Updated:10th Sep 18

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About Us

Phil Hines is the dealer principal at Cootamundra Holden. Growing up on the family property in Wallendbeen, Phil is not used to wearing a tie. He says he probably should wear one every day, but it is his relaxed and friendly attitude that’s makes him and his business Cootamundra Holden so attractive to local customers.

Phil and his wife Lisa have owned Cootamundra Holden since September 1, 2009. Phil says the reason he and Lisa decided to buy Cootamundra Holden because Holden is a well-known and reliable brand that has a product to suit everyone’s needs.

Farmers, tradesmen, pensioners, business people and families can all find a vehicle at Cootamundra Holden backed up by our professional team of Holden trained technicians and service personnel. Cootamundra Holden are supporters of the local community, sponsoring many sporting and social events in Cootamundra. Phil is also the Managing Director of Agland Industries Pty Ltd which operate several other businesses in Cootamundra, Gundagai and the ACT.

Address:       111 Wallendoon Street, Cootamundra  NSW  2590

Telephone:   02 8081 4184


New Passenger Vehicles

You'll find at Cootamundra Holden we have a large range of new Holden Passenger and Commercial vehicles, making the purchase of your next Holden easy. We guarantee that we will match the right Holden to your specific needs, so why not browse through our range below.

Once you have found a vehicle that suits your needs, contact us to arrange a time to come in and inspect the vehicle and take it for a test drive.

Pre Owned

At Cootamundra Holden we have a large range of pre-owned vehicles - so we can always match the perfect vehicle to your exact needs.

Call 02 8081 4184, or CLICK HERE to make en enquiry

Cootamundra Holden Service

Servicing your Holden at Cootamundra Holden gives you total confidence that everything is carried out to Holden specifications, using Holden approved parts. This ensures your Holden factory warranty is not jeopardised and also adds to buyer confidence when it comes to selling your vehicle.

  • Keeping you safe on the road

  • Protecting your warranty

  • Your ongoing driving pleasure

  • Specialist Technicians

  • Factory backup

  • Latest Computerised Technology

  • Helping with resale


Parts & Accessories

Give your Holden that personal touch by selecting from a diverse range of specialised Genuine Holden Accessories, exclusively available from Cootamundra Holden.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road, simply visit Cootamundra Holden and you immediately have access to one of the most sophisticated parts networks in the country. Having undergone rigorous testing by Holden engineers, Holden factory approved parts fully meet Holden's original specifications. Moreover, when an authorised Holden Dealer fits Holden parts there's no chance of you jeopardising your warranty.

  • Genuine Interior Accessories

  • Genuine Exterior Accessories


Finance & Insurance

Cootamundra Holden offers a range of vehicle finance solutions for yourself or your business. CLICK HERE for more information.

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