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Location:Nowra, Southern NSW, NSW
Updated:23rd Jul 24

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 About Country Motor Company


Country Motor Company was established in July 1985, with a staff level of four. We quickly built a reputation for reliable service, quality workmanship and dependability. Service to our customers and hard work seemed to go hand in hand with success in the early years and still does today.

Over the years our customer base has steadily grown larger. Along with this our staff levels has also needed to grow to keep supplying our customers with the service they have grown to expect. We are proud that we now employ a total of over 25 local people.

In 2004 we purchased the Avida franchise and have been steadily growing this side of the business. With our dedicated staff and attention to detail we have won a number of prestigious awards.

We built our own service department and renovated the rest of the building in 2006, This keeping with the theme of being a Country Dealership with good old country service has proved a hit with both our old and new customers.

The philosophy of this Dealership is to be an outstanding Dealership as well as an outstanding place for our customers. To achieve this goal we must provide service to our customers through the co-operation and understanding of all those who make up the dealership team. We realise that our customers will only be attracted to an organisation that is at peace with itself. Our customers are our friends, who come back year after year because we do everything we can to satisfy their needs. The daily contact between employees, management, and our customers, shapes the kind of business we have.

We would like to extend a thank you to all our customers in helping us become what we are today, and look forward to continuing our friendship in the future. We also would like to give a warm welcome to any new customers that decide to join our family.


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