Why do some people sell their cars quickly and others do not?

The most important thing to remember when selling your car is YOU ARE NOT THE BUYER, you already own the car.

This sounds obvious but what does it really mean and what difference does this make to selling my car?

In simple terms it means this:

How you approached buying that car and the deciding factors that made you actually buy that car in the first place, are individual to you. If you presume that someone will buy a car based on the same information and emotions you used to buy that car, you may already be limiting the number of potential buyers. You may be forgetting about all the other potential buyers who will find something in it you did not. The key however is making sure you make your car attractive to as many buyers as possible and not alienate any.

Sellers often underestimate the importance of a complete ad including photos, description, general information and even finding the right price. But do not worry we are here to guide you through the process and provide all the information you require to ensure your car appeals to as many people as possible.

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Where to sell your car
Selling a car is often a precursor to buying another one, but that doesn't mean we should hurry through and lose money in the process.
Creating an effective description
Creating an effective ad can go a long way to ensuring a successful sale. The advertisement is your first point of contact with potential buyers, so keep it short and simple ... and be honest.
A picture says a thousand words
Having no photo will impact the interest in your car. Clear and sharp photos provide a better impression than a description alone.
What is your car really worth?
Setting the right price can be the difference between selling your car quickly, or not selling at all. Selling with emotional attachement will cost you. It is only as valuable as what someone else it prepared to pay for it.
Closing the sale
Forms are never fun, but forget these and you could be paying the new owner's speeding fines. Or worse...